Welcome to my page of Oregon/year abroad memories. This is mostly for my benefit to be able to look back over the year, but also for y’all if you’re ever interested in what I got up to. Most of it won’t be interesting to anyone but me, but whatever. :)



Importing the cds some new friends burnt for me in Oklahoma of real, red dirt country music. I’ve been lying in bed trying to beat jet lag by falling asleep at a reasonable time, so I’ve been catching up with PLL. Home is nice and homely and comfortable and I miss America. It’s just hard to believe it’s all done. Time to start planning for the next adventure: South America, 3 month American road trip and working visa for Canada!


9 months and a day ago I was getting on a plane to America, and today I am getting on a plane back to England. It’s been an amazing 9 months - I’ve made some great friends, have some awesome memories and have fallen in love with this country even more. When I’m home and feeling sad and reminiscent I’ll write all about my favourite moments of the year, but for now all I can really think to say is it’s been the best ever.


I’m really not ready to leave America. Sure, it will be great to be home and I’m looking forward to lots of things…But I’m just happy here. I’m happier here. I am me here.